“Instead of Headstones” 2018, charcoal ink on 49 sheets of cotton paper, steel nails, 8ft. x 10ft.

“Silver Linings” 2018, silver ink, 832 sheets of mulberry paper, white vitrine table, 3ft. x 8ft. x 3.5ft.

Four Places to Sing You Are My Sunshine” 2018, four oil paintings on canvas, 9ft. x 7ft.

"Portraits Over Your Shoulder" 2017, 33 ink drawings, steel nails, 20ft. x 10ft.

Figure Pile” 2015-2018, approximately 1000 ink line drawings created over 3 years, bricks on floor, 4ft. x 7ft.


"Short Collection" 2017, drawings, paintings, sunflower seeds and found objects, full room installation in Carnegie Mellon School of Art.

"Altar" 2016, ink drawings and an oil painting installed with found objects, hidden speakers playing cicada calls,  10ft. x 7ft.


"Woman Nocking Over Bowl of Seeds" 2016, ink on paper with sunflower seeds and found objects, 8ft. x 3ft. x 10ft.

"Glass Window" 2016, silk screen prints and ink drawings with found objects, 8ft. x 5ft. x 5ft.


"The Wide Skies Everywhere" 2016, drawings, sculpture, and sunflower seeds placed with found objects, Ellis Gallery Solo Show.